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1.) Thanks a million! - Thank you very much indeed.

2.) No such luck! - You are disappointed you were not able to do something.

3.) The more, the merrier. - You are happy for others to join your group or activity.

4.) You can say that again. - You totally agree with someone.

5.) No way! - You do not want to do something.

6.) There's nothing to it! - You think something is easy.

7.) Don't make me laugh! - You think something is unlikely.

8.) How time flies! - You are surprised at how quickly time has passed.

9.) It's a small world. - You are surprised at a coincidence.

10.) It's neither here hor there. - It is not very important.

11.) It's six of one and half a dozen of the other. - Two people or groups are equally responsible for a bad situation.

12.) I can take it or leave it. - You do not hate something, but you don't particulary like it either.

13.) You name it. - Anything you say or choose.

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