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Trying to solve the problem

1.) make do - managing with something that isn't as good as you would like

2.) give a shot/whirt - give something a try (informal)

3.) get to grips with - make an effort to understand or deal with a problem or situation

4.) to be on the safe side - to protect oneself even though it might not be necessary

5.) get to the bottom of - try to discover the truth about something

Light and understanding

1.) bring to light - to dicsover facts that were previously unknown

2.) come to light - gives a similar idea of unknown facts becoming known

3.) shed/throw light on something - means to help people understand a situation

The problem's over

1.) in the bag - to get or achieve something (informal)

2.) the answer to my prayers - something or someone that you have needed for a long time

3.) wave a magic wand - find an easy way to solve a problem

4.) tie up a few loose ends - deal with the last few things that need to be done before something is completed

5.) fall into place - you understand something that you did not understand before

6.) pick up the pieces - try to return to normal

dealing with problems

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