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Something you learn from experiences

1.) To put smth down to experience - something bad has happened, but you decide to larn from it instead of being upset by it.

2.) To know where someone stand - you don't know what your position is or what your situation is with someone, and it's worrying you.

3.) To give somebody food for thought - something happens that make you think very seriously about it.

4.) To learn someone lesson - something bad happens to you and you decide you will never let it happen again.

5.) To teach him/her a lesson - someone does something stupid which affects them in a way that they will never want to do it again.

6.) To get the message - someone finally becomes aware of a fact.

7.) To set/put the record straight - you tell the true facts to someone who has believed a different set of facts up to that moment.

Other idioms connected with perceiving situations

1.) To hear smth on/through the grapevine - heard it from someone who had heard it from someone else

2.) A figment of someone imagination - something you have imagined which is not true

3.) To loose sight of - forget a central, important fact or truth about something

4.) What beats me is... - what I cannot understand

5.) To have second thoughts about.... - to decide smth, but now I am no longer sure about it

6.) To know all the ins and outs of the situation -  the details of

Experience and perception

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