воскресенье, 19 ноября 2017 г.

Idioms for today: HAVING PROBLEMS

1.) to come up against a brick wall - something is blocking someone from doing what someone want's to do

2.) to put someone's foot in smth. - said something tactless and embarrassing

3.) to be in dire straits - in a very difficult or dangerous situation

4.) to dug oneself into a hole - have myself caused a problem that will be difficult to escape from

5.) to spread oneself too thin - try to do too many things at the same time, with the result that I can't give any of them the attention they need

6.) to left hold the baby - others have left me to deal with a problem alone

7.) to get someone over a barrel - have put me in a situation where I have no choice over what I can do

8.) to come up against a stumbling block - a problem which stops me from achieving something

9.) to be clutched at straws  - to be in such a difficult situation that I will try anything

10.) to draw a blank - to be unable to find information or to achieve something I'd hoped for

11.) to have a face the music - accept criticism or punishment

12.) a fact of life - an unpleasant situation which has to be accepted because it cannot be changed

13.) easier said that done - something you say when something seems like a good idea, but is difficult to actually do

Having problems

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