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Laws and rules

1.) take the law into someone own hands - taking action which should be taken by the police or the courts

2.) to become a law  unto themselves - to be completely out of control and simply ignore the law

3.) to lay down the law - be very firm and clear about the law

4.) to bend the rules - make special exceptions, letting some people disobey the rules

Authority and responsibility

1.) carry the can - accept the blame/responsibility alone, even though other people were responsible

2.) get/let someone off the hook - are free/leave someone free from all responsibility or from a difficult situation

3.) leave someone to their own devices - allow them to decide how to act; do not control or supervise them

4.) are at/ on the receiving end - suffer from/are the target of

5.) are at someone's beck and call - do everything they tell you to do, whenever they tell you to do it

6.) get your own way - persuade other people to let you do what you want

Power and politics

1.) go to the polls - vote in a general election

2.) spin doctors - public relations officers who meet the press/media and present events in a way that suits them

3.) a hidden agenda - an attempt to hide their real intentions

Power and authority

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