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Idioms meaning SUCCESS and FAILURE

When things go well

1.) make all the difference (to something) - to have a very good effect on a situation or a thing

2.) work/go/run like a dream - work/go/run very well indeed

3.) work like magic- work immediately and very well indeed

4.) go from strength to strength - get better and better

5.) do the trick - solve a problem very well

6.) is the be-all-and-end-all (of something) - is the most important thing

7.) is/turns out to be a blessing in disguise - have a goof effect even though at first it seemed it would be bad

When things don't go well

1.) someone/something is a victum of their/its own success - success has negative effects as well as or instead of positive ones

2.) someone doesen't have the ghost of a chance (of doing something) - they have no chance at all

3.) someone/something gives up the ghost - they/it stop(s) working or they stop trying to succeed because they know they will not

4.) someone/something leaves their/its mark (on someone/something) - to have an effect (ususally negative) that changes someone or something for ever

Other useful idioms connected with success and failure

1.) to go places - to be successful

2.) to hit the big time - to make a lot of money

3.) make a go of - to be very successful with

Success and Failure

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