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Idioms meaning BEHAVIOUR and ATTITUDES

1.) look right/straight through someone - behave as if you do not see someone either because you do not notice them or because you are ignoring them

2.) leave someone in the lurch - leave someone at a time when they need you to stay and help them

3.) give someone a hard/rough/tough time - make things difficult for someone

4.) keep a lid on something - control the level of something in order to stop it increasing

5.) let (yourself) go - either take less care of your appearance or relax completely and enjoy yourself

6.) blow something out of (all) proportion - behave as if something that has happened is much worse than it really is

7.) think nothing of - did something that other people found difficult very easily

8.) bring a lump to my throat - found it so moving that I wanted to cry

9.) make the most of - take full advantage of something because it may not last long

10.) hang in the balance - no one knoes what will happen to it in the future

11.) fade/ pale into insignificance - did not seem at all important when compared to something else

12.) dream of - would never do something because we think it is wrong

13.) come to terms with - start to accept emotionally and to deal with a difficult situation

Idioms meaning BEHAVIOUR and ATTITUDES

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