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Idioms meaning DANGER

1.) to be catched napping - get into trouble because they are not paying enough attention. Napping - sleeping

2.) go out on a limb - stating an opinion or doing something different from anyone else

3.) to be out on a limb - to be alone and lacking support from anyone else

4.) lead astray - influenced so that someone did bad things

5.) leave well alone - try not to change or improve something because this might make things worse 

6.) panic stations - a time or situation where you feel very anxious and have to act quickly

7.) a necessary evil - something you don't like, but you agree that it must exist or happen

8.) safe and sound - this phrase simply emphasises the word safe

9.) have a narrow escape - just manage to avoid danger or trouble

10.) do something by the skin of your teeth - only just succeed in doing something

11.) rather/too close for comfort - so close in distance or similar in amount that you are worried or frightened

12.) cut things fine - leave yourself only just enough time to do something

13.) something sets alarm bells ringing - something worries you because it is a sign that there may be a problem

14.) take your life in (to) your hands - do something very risky

15.) your life is in someone's hands - that person can affect whether you live or die

16.) hanging by a thread - likely to fail in the near future

17.) on a knife-edge - in a very difficult situation and there are worries about the future

Idioms meaning DANGER

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