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Idioms meaning EFFORT

1.) give something your all - use all your energy and effort to do something

2.) go all out - use a lot of energy and effort to do something

3.) go out of your way to do something - try very hard to do something, usually something nice

4.) pull your weight - work as hard as other people in a group

5.) by hook or by crook - using whatever methods are necessary

6.) pull your finger out - make more of an effort (very informal)

7.) at a push - probably possible, but it will be difficult

8.) have a go - try to do something

9.) have  a bash - more informal way of saying have a go

10.) go through the motions - do something  because you are expected to do it, not because you want to do it

Saying something is easy or difficult

11.) child's play - extremely easy

12.) a piece of cake - extremely easy (informal)

13.) a doddle - extremely easy (informal)

14.) as easy as falling off a log - extremely easy (informal)

15.) as easy as taking candy from a baby - extremely easy 

16.) heavy-going - difficult and needed a lot of effort

Idioms meaning EFFORT

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