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Idioms meaning PROBABILITY and LUCK


1.) try on the off-chance - you hope you will do or find something or someone even if you do not think success is very likely

2.) against all the odds - despite a lot of problems making it unlikely that you will succeed

3.) take someone close to you for granted - you don't show you're grateful to someone because they are with you so often

4.) to be a foregone conclusion - the result is obvious to everyone even before it happens

5.) to see changes coming a mile off - have seen that something, usually something bad, is likely to happen

6.) touch - and - go - not certain

7.) no prizes for guessing - it is very easy to guess

8.) the cards are stacked against someone - you are not likely to succeed because there are so many obstacles in your way

9.) chance someone arm - taking a risk to achieve what you want

10.) to be in the lap of the gods - not something that you can control yourself


1.) Don't push your luck - Don't try too hard to get what you want and risk losing what you have achieved

2.) We'll take pot luck - We'll take whatever is available without knowing if it will be good or not

3.) It's the luck of the draw - It's a matter of chance and you have no control over it

4.) Just my luck! - You say this, usually humorously, to mean that you are always unlucky

5.) No such luck! - You are disappointed you weren't able to do what you would have liked to do

6.) You should be so lucky! - What someone wants to happen is unlikely to happen

Idioms meaning PROBABILITY and LUCK

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