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Vocabulary topic: fashion and clothes

Your first fashion vocabulary

fashion, style,

1. to shop - to buy things in different shops
2. try on clothes - to put clothes on to see what they are like
3. suit someone - to look good on somebody
4. to be fashionable - to be popular at that time
5. to go with -  to look good together
6. a wardrobe - a large place for keeping clothes in
7. designer labels - clothes made by famous designers
8. to be reasonable - to be not expensive
9. to be in fashion - fashionable
10. to dress in - to wear a particular type, style or colour of clothes
11. to get on - to wear

In a clothes shop

fashion, style, clothes shop

1.  a shop assistant - a person who works in a shop
2. to serve - to help people buy things
3. a size - how large or small something is
4. to fit - to be the right shape or size to someone
5. to be tight - to small around the body
6. that's a pity - that is disappointing
7. to leave smth - decided not to buy
8. to take smth - decided to buy 
9. to look for - to search for smth
10. a change room -  a place where you can try on the clothes

Second page will be with the link for you to see how do you know fashion vocabulary. Good luck! =) 
(Write the right answers in the сommentary)


1. A person who works in a shop and helps people to find the right clothes  .....
2. To be the right size .....
3. Not expensive, but not cheap .....
4. A large place to keep clothes in ....
5. Popular at a particular time .....
6. The place where you try on the clothes .....
7. Prado, Armani are examples of .... 

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