четверг, 23 ноября 2017 г.


Trying to solve the problem

1.) make do - managing with something that isn't as good as you would like

2.) give a shot/whirt - give something a try (informal)

3.) get to grips with - make an effort to understand or deal with a problem or situation

4.) to be on the safe side - to protect oneself even though it might not be necessary

5.) get to the bottom of - try to discover the truth about something

Light and understanding

1.) bring to light - to dicsover facts that were previously unknown

2.) come to light - gives a similar idea of unknown facts becoming known

3.) shed/throw light on something - means to help people understand a situation

The problem's over

1.) in the bag - to get or achieve something (informal)

2.) the answer to my prayers - something or someone that you have needed for a long time

3.) wave a magic wand - find an easy way to solve a problem

4.) tie up a few loose ends - deal with the last few things that need to be done before something is completed

5.) fall into place - you understand something that you did not understand before

6.) pick up the pieces - try to return to normal

dealing with problems

вторник, 21 ноября 2017 г.

Урок № 9


1.) receiver/handset - телефонная трубка

2.) cord - провод

3.) phone jack - телефонное гнездо

4.) phone line - телефонная линия

5.) key pad - кнопочный номеронабиратель

6.) star key - кнопка со звездочкой

7.) pound key - кнопка с символом фунта #

8.) mobile phone - мобильный телефон

9.) headset - наушник

10.) wireless headset - беспроводной наушник

11.) calling card - переговорная карта

12.) access number - код доступа

13.) answering machine - автоответчик

14.) voice message - речевое сообщение

15.) text message - текстовое сообщение

16.) charger - зарядное устройство

17.) operator - телефонист

18.) directory assistance - телефонная справочная служба

19.) automated phone system - автоматизированная система телефонной связи

20.) cordless phone - беспроводной телефон

21.) pay phone - платный телефон-автомат

22.) area code - междугородный код

23.) phone number  - номер телефона

24.) local call - местный вызов

25.) Dial the phone number - набрать номер телефона

26.) Press "send" - нажать кнопку "отправить"

27.) Talk on the phone - поговорить по телефону

28.) Hand up - повесить трубку

29.) State the emergency - объяснить причину экстренного вызова

30.) Stay on the line - не класть трубку



Laws and rules

1.) take the law into someone own hands - taking action which should be taken by the police or the courts

2.) to become a law  unto themselves - to be completely out of control and simply ignore the law

3.) to lay down the law - be very firm and clear about the law

4.) to bend the rules - make special exceptions, letting some people disobey the rules

Authority and responsibility

1.) carry the can - accept the blame/responsibility alone, even though other people were responsible

2.) get/let someone off the hook - are free/leave someone free from all responsibility or from a difficult situation

3.) leave someone to their own devices - allow them to decide how to act; do not control or supervise them

4.) are at/ on the receiving end - suffer from/are the target of

5.) are at someone's beck and call - do everything they tell you to do, whenever they tell you to do it

6.) get your own way - persuade other people to let you do what you want

Power and politics

1.) go to the polls - vote in a general election

2.) spin doctors - public relations officers who meet the press/media and present events in a way that suits them

3.) a hidden agenda - an attempt to hide their real intentions

Power and authority

воскресенье, 19 ноября 2017 г.

Idioms for today: HAVING PROBLEMS

1.) to come up against a brick wall - something is blocking someone from doing what someone want's to do

2.) to put someone's foot in smth. - said something tactless and embarrassing

3.) to be in dire straits - in a very difficult or dangerous situation

4.) to dug oneself into a hole - have myself caused a problem that will be difficult to escape from

5.) to spread oneself too thin - try to do too many things at the same time, with the result that I can't give any of them the attention they need

6.) to left hold the baby - others have left me to deal with a problem alone

7.) to get someone over a barrel - have put me in a situation where I have no choice over what I can do

8.) to come up against a stumbling block - a problem which stops me from achieving something

9.) to be clutched at straws  - to be in such a difficult situation that I will try anything

10.) to draw a blank - to be unable to find information or to achieve something I'd hoped for

11.) to have a face the music - accept criticism or punishment

12.) a fact of life - an unpleasant situation which has to be accepted because it cannot be changed

13.) easier said that done - something you say when something seems like a good idea, but is difficult to actually do

Having problems

суббота, 18 ноября 2017 г.

Урок № 8

Weather - Погода

1.) hot - жарко

2.) warm - тепло

3.) cool - прохладно

4.) cold - холодно

5.) freezing - мороз

6.) degrees - градусы

7.) sunny\clear - солнечно\безоблачно

8.) cloudy - облачно

9.) raining - дождь

10.) snowing - снег

11.) heat wave - жара

12.) smoggy - смог

13.) humid - повышенная влажность

14.) thunderstorm - гроза

15.) lightning - молния

16.) windy - сильный ветер

17.) dust storm - пылевая буря

18.) foggy - туман

19.) hailstorm - град

20.) icy - гололед

21.) snowstorm\blizzard - снежная буря (пурга)


четверг, 16 ноября 2017 г.

Idioms meaning SUCCESS and FAILURE

When things go well

1.) make all the difference (to something) - to have a very good effect on a situation or a thing

2.) work/go/run like a dream - work/go/run very well indeed

3.) work like magic- work immediately and very well indeed

4.) go from strength to strength - get better and better

5.) do the trick - solve a problem very well

6.) is the be-all-and-end-all (of something) - is the most important thing

7.) is/turns out to be a blessing in disguise - have a goof effect even though at first it seemed it would be bad

When things don't go well

1.) someone/something is a victum of their/its own success - success has negative effects as well as or instead of positive ones

2.) someone doesen't have the ghost of a chance (of doing something) - they have no chance at all

3.) someone/something gives up the ghost - they/it stop(s) working or they stop trying to succeed because they know they will not

4.) someone/something leaves their/its mark (on someone/something) - to have an effect (ususally negative) that changes someone or something for ever

Other useful idioms connected with success and failure

1.) to go places - to be successful

2.) to hit the big time - to make a lot of money

3.) make a go of - to be very successful with

Success and Failure

среда, 15 ноября 2017 г.

Урок № 7

Studying - учеба

1.) Look up the word - найти слово в словаре

2.) Read the definition - прочесть определение

3.) Translate the word - перевести слово

4.) Check the pronounciation - проверить произношение

5.) Copy the word - переписать слово

6.) Draw a picture - нарисовать картинку

7.) Discuss a problem - обсудить проблему

8.) Brainstorm solutions / answers - сообща найти решения / ответы

9.) Work in a group - работать коллективно

10.) Help a classmate -помочь сокласснику

11.) Ask a question - задать вопрос

12.) Answer a question - ответить на вопрос

13.) Share a book - совместно пользоваться учебником

14.) Dictate a sentence - продиктовать предложение

15.) Fill in the blank - вставить пропущенное (слово)

16.) Choose the correct answer - выбрать правильный ответ

17.) Circle the answer - обвести ответ

18.) Cross out the word - вычеркнуть слово

19.) Underline the word - подчеркнуть слово

20.) Match the items - найти соответствия

21.) Check the correct boxes - отметить правильные ответы

22.) Label the picture - сделать надпись к иллюстрации

23.) Unscramble the words - восстановить правильный порядок букв

24.) Put the sentences in order - расположить предложения в правильном порядке

25.) Take out a piece of paper. - вынуть лист бумаги

26.) Put away the books - отложить свои учебники

Studying vocabulary